Cards Plus Develops Unique ‘Covid Screening PVC card’.

February 2021

When it comes to sending children safely back to school, both educators and parents want to make sure the correct guidelines are followed. More importantly the implementation of these guidelines need to be streamlined, practical and easy to follow for both the educators, parents and learners themselves.

One of the frustrations Cards Plus has learned from the educators and parents is the tedious and time consuming process of screening the learners before school every morning. often, the learners are forced to stand outside, and endure the elements of the weather while they wait their turn to be screened. Parents are complaining that they are having to wait extended periods of time at the school in the morning, while their children are screened before being allowed to enter the school premises.

Cards Plus is a local PVC card manufacturer which offers you, the customer the following: Flexible printing options with NO minimum print quantities and NO set-up costs. Cards Plus is able to offer several additional features of a plastic card including: Hot foiling, which is the ‘bling to your card’ with a range of foil colours. UV Print – unique florescent ink, which is only visible under UV lights. Magnetic stripe & Encoding – available in HiCo or LoCo and has up to three tracks to encode your data. Signature Panel – offering  standard and custom signature panels, normal white or patterned strips. Barcode/QR code – different combinations of bars and spaces are used to encode characters into bar codes, for QR code’s this type of barcode can be decoded using a smartphone with a QR code reader. Security Hologram – Holographic film fused over your card with a 3 dimensional image for high security applications. Numbering & Embossing – think of the raised numbers and letters on your credit card. Variable Data & Personalisation – Individually personalisation on cards, either text, number or photos and technology Cards – contactless/contact chip or Mifare and combination cards

Through our experience in manufacturing PVC cards and selling PVC ID card Printers, we have successfully developed a ‘Covid screening PVC card’. Cards Plus is selling this PVC card to schools which they can use to ensure the process of screening learners before school is a streamlined and easy process. Cards Plus has designed a ‘covid screening card’ template which we can simply fill in your details and design the look and feel accordingly. Alternatively you can contact us and query about our PVC ID card printer service to see whether you could buy a PVC ID card printer and print your own ‘Covid screening PVC card’

If you are interested in any of the above additional features of a plastic card mentioned above, please let us know accordingly and we will be able to facilitate your request.