2 Ways You Can Implement A Gift Card Program For Your Small Business

October 2020

Now that you’re aware of some of the benefits of a gift card program for your business, as well as some available options, let’s briefly talk about how to add them to your offerings.

If you are just starting out or in the market for a new point of sale system, or if you’ve been up and running for a while and want to implement gift cards now, you can usually speak to one of the sales executives at Cards Plus who will put you in contact with Sure Swipe. Alternatively you can view Sure Swipes website on

1. Offer Gift Cards Through Your POS

If you want gift cards, the first step is to talk to one of the sales executives at Cards Plus who will be able to send you more information on the type of gift card , they can manufacture for you.

Offering gift cards through your POS is the easiest way to do it, and it ensures that your gift card program works with your POS. A POS with an in-house gift card program makes things easier in terms of payment processing as well as reporting. You can easily track both gift card sales and redemptions and generally see how well your gift card program is going.

However, if your POS integrates seamlessly with a third-party gift card software program, this can sometimes work just as well (more on third-party integrations in a moment).

If your POS does not offer gift card functionality at all, you may want to consider upgrading to a system that does. For more information on POS systems click here

2. Use An eGift Card App

A digital-only gift card option can be an easier, greener way that your business offers gift cards, without spending too much on plastic or even integrating your POS if you don’t want to.

With some eGift card services, you simply sell eGift cards online, download an app to your mobile device, and use your mobile device or a scanner to scan the customer’s QR code from their phone or printout. Or the gift card may be emailed to the recipient in the form of a numerical redemption code.

Some eGift card programs generate 16-digit codes that you can key into your terminal and process as a regular Mastercard transaction, for example, eliminating the need to integrate your POS with gift card software.

Web-based gift card apps allow you to sell eGift cards online, including on social media and your company website. However, most eGift cards can be redeemed both online and in your

store. Companies that sell eGift cards may charge a small monthly fee or charge a percentage-based fee for each gift card sold.

10 Considerations Before You Launch A Gift Card Program

Here are some crucial things to think about before you decide to implement a gift card program at your small business:

  1. Can you accept gift cards using your current POS software and equipment?
  2. What gift card programs does your POS offer (in-house or via third-party integrations), and what are the associated costs?
  3. Does any of the other business software you currently use offer gift card functionality?
  4. Is it important that your POS integrates with your gift card program (for sales reporting, ease of use, equipment considerations, etc.)?
  5. If your POS can’t accept gift cards, would you consider upgrading to one that does?
  6. Does your business have an online presence — either for eCommerce or promotion?
  7. Are you willing to pay a monthly fee to include gift card functionality? If so, how much?
  8. Do you want to sell physical gift cards, digital gift cards, or both?
  9. Do you want to use gift cards to drive loyalty or promotions (for example, issuing free gift cards for promotions)?
  10. How many cards will you need — and what is your budget to produce them?

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