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Retail Cards

Ask ANY person and they will all agree it’s always worth having all account, gift and loyalty cards in their wallet; well nothing beats a credit card with unlimited credit! Buy a gift card which offers more value to a person rather than an unwanted, meaningless present, include a stunning card with a personal message or write it on the PVC Gift Card. That’s almost guaranteed to go over better than anything else you could give.

It’s been proved to boost growth, boost your reputation and make your customers happy. These cards can increase the chances of return visits from your customers, while also helping you to further promote your brand name. Remember to acknowledge frequent visits and to award points to regular customers with loyalty cards! Gift Cards need to be relevant to your product, and to your audience. Personalized Account, Loyalty and Gift cards are fabulous and your clients feel super special.

Retail cards are printed single or dual sided on a RAW sheet of Core. The transparent or magnetic overlay film is then placed over the raw material to protect your high quality print – almost like a sandwich effect. Once laminated the card will be silky smooth, tear and water resistant and will prevent chipping and cracking along the edge of the cards.

Additional features available on retail and leisure cards are hot foiling, metallic print, barcodes and signature panels.


076 PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Card Size
85.6 mm x 54 mm
Digital Offset
6 Colour Process (CMYK)
760 micron (std ISO credit card thickness)
460 micron
Glossy / Matte


We understand that supplying artwork for proffessional printers can be a bit intimidating (there’s way too much jargon and technical terminology!) So we’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible.



  • School ID or Access Card
  • Tuck Shop Card or Cashless System
  • Bag Tags and Accessories

Retail & Leisure

  • Gift, Loyalty or Account Cards
  • Visitor, Parking or Access Cards
  • Membership or Gym Cards

Health & Wellness

  • Medical Aid Cards
  • Employee Benefit Cards
  • Spa Gift Cards


  • Photo Identification Card
  • Technology Based Stock Cards
  • Card and Printer Bundle Deals


  • Union membership cards
  • Government Party ID Cards
  • High Security ID Access Cards


  • ID or Access Cards
  • Employee Incentives or Rewards Card
  • Debt Management or Counselling


  • Taxi Association Cards
  • Roadside Assistance Cards
  • Bus / Taxi / Train Cards


  • Cashless Cards
  • Luggage Tags and Loops
  • Cashless Systems Wristband Option