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Cards Plus can offer a large number of plastic card printer brands. We have put the printers to the test and found NBS, Datacard and Fargo brands to be the most reliable solutions available. Plug and play plastic card printers are the ideal way to print ID cards and access cards for mission critical projects. Printers are divided into 2 categories:
Direct to Card Printing and Retransfer Printing.

Direct to Card Printers

Javelin DNA & Pro | Fargo DTC 1500
Fargo DTC 1250E | Entrust Sigma DS1 & DS2 | Entrust Sigma DS3

Retransfer Printers

Javelin J1000i | Entrust Datacard CR805 | Fargo HDP5000


Packages Available

Entry level software - Print on demand with max 5 card templates
Connectivity to Database, unlimited internal MS Access Database
Secure ID printing with MS SQL Server Connectivity (native)
The ultimate package, encoding Mifare Classic & Desfire

Any card personalization software can help you create your cards. Javelin Designer gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way. Within a few steps Javelin Designer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards!


Packages Available

Entry-Level ID Card Solution
Mid-Level ID Card Solution
High-Level Database Connectivity
Top-Level Inline Encoding Solution

Even before you start designing, your card looks fantastic. With several optional preloaded card designs to choose from all waiting to make it your own. With our Card Wizard you can create a card in just a few clicks. It’s that simple! With drag and drop features you can easily add fields to your card layout without all the complicated manual mapping of fields other software programs require. And there you have it: a beautifully designed, fresh, high-quality card created in minutes.

Cards Plus is an official supplier for printers and accessories of the following brands:



  • School ID or Access Card
  • Tuck Shop Card or Cashless System
  • Bag Tags and Accessories

Retail & Leisure

  • Gift, Loyalty or Account Cards
  • Visitor, Parking or Access Cards
  • Membership or Gym Cards

Health & Wellness

  • Medical Aid Cards
  • Employee Benefit Cards
  • Spa Gift Cards


  • Photo Identification Card
  • Technology Based Stock Cards
  • Card and Printer Bundle Deals


  • Union membership cards
  • Government Party ID Cards
  • High Security ID Access Cards


  • ID or Access Cards
  • Employee Incentives or Rewards Card
  • Debt Management or Counselling


  • Taxi Association Cards
  • Roadside Assistance Cards
  • Bus / Taxi / Train Cards


  • Cashless Cards
  • Luggage Tags and Loops
  • Cashless Systems Wristband Option