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Ipsidy’s Transaction Network provides enterprise and government customers and their users with the next level of security, control and certainty for everyday transactions.

Access By IPSIDY

- Mobile, Biometric, Access Management

Access by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the-box, biometric identity access solution to authenticate the identities of people moving in and out of any defined area, building, campus or even border.

Key Features for access by IPSIDY

Verified by IPSIDY

- Mobile Biometric Authentication

Verified by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the box, mobile biometric identity portal that authenticates a customer’s identity, administrative events, and financial transactions from the convenience of their own smartphone.

Key Features for verified by IPSIDY


- Mobile Payments Authorization Network With Identity at the Core

Build and manage a mobile ecosystem of trusted agents, merchants and consumers to accept closed-loop cards for transactions whether in-store, online, or in-app.

Key Features for transact

Digital Issuance

Robust financial accounting and card program management in any currency; HCE & Tokenization support offers enhanced security

Mobile Wallet

Offer consumers the convenience of storing a virtual payment card, secured by IdLok, our multi-factor authentication service

Acquiring Gateway

Securely routes transactions to our Digital Issuance platform for ‘on-us’ authorization & payment processing

Acquiring Gateway

Quicken merchant adoption by offering easy acceptance of the Ipsidy wallet and closed-loop payment cards by (NFC) and QR Code Readers

Web Portal

Unified, online reporting portal is available in any language and supports high levels of customer service


Customize personalized cards-based loyalty programs to target your best customers while lowering overall program costs

Mobile Commerce

ncrease customer spending when you deliver immediate fulfilment through our mobile commerce shopping cart integrated with our Mobile Wallet

Beacon Marketing

Create and manage promotional campaigns and advertising that is sent directly to our Mobile Wallet when it comes in range of Bluetooth proximity beacons.