5 Benefits of Proper Training on Printers

August 2018

Does your printer operation give you hassles now and again? It might be time for a refresher course in training!

Benefits of Proper Training on Direct to Card Printers

  1. Proper training saves your print head.
    Does your operator know what to do when they drop a box of clean cards on the floor? Can they identify “no-touch” areas of your machine? Print heads are expensive to replace and keeping them in top condition is very simple. However, one untrained operator can easily get a sleeve caught on the expose print head or run a dirty card through the machine and cost you thousands of rands. Not ideal!
  2. Training provided from a reputable technician will highlight the best ways to operate your card printing project to get maximum use from the internal gears and sensors in the printer. When your printer has extended past it’s warranty and is still in top operation, you’ll be thankful for the additional advice.
  3. Refresher courses encourage protective behavior. Many printers are stored improperly or in the incorrect environment when not in use and becomes damaged beyond additional use. A few simple tips will encourage your operators to use protective behaviour when operating and storing the equipment and there by extending it’s life.
  4. Learning a new process and software can slow down card issuance unnecessarily while adequate training promotes speedy issuing. Because software and printer operation become “second nature”, issuing cards becomes a cinch for any trained operator.
  5. Save money on repairs and technical call outs due to improper usage. Prevention is always cheaper, and better, than a cure. Prevent damage and printing hiccups due to improper usage, by encouraging all your operators to be trained by a certified technician.

You might need additional training on your software if:

  • You’ve added new staff or operators
  • You’re issuing new products or card requirements
  • Only one person was trained, and that person was you!

Who can help?

To ensure proper printer maintenance and allow for your company’s maximum up time and optimized print quality, Cards Plus provides expert training where printer operators and resellers can receive the skills they need to effectively handle the equipment, provide basic troubleshooting and operation.

Trainees learn correct printer operation through hands-on activities, such as:

  • Printer operation
  • Consumable changes
  • Cleaning requirements
  • Software operation and basic troubleshooting

Cards Plus offers training for every printer purchased through us- and offer training refresher courses to brush up on your printing skills. Our trained and certified technicians are ready to assist you with your specific requirements.

We stock and offer training on the following printer brands:

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