7 important things to know about ID Card Printing

September 2020

1. ID card printer prices

You are probably wondering what the average price of an ID card printer is ?

The price can vary depending on the type of ID card printer you are looking for as well as the brand of the printer. For assistance on pricing of ID card printers, please contact one of our sales executives.

If you are not entirely sure about what type of ID card printer you require, it may be a good idea to consider renting an ID card printer. For more information on this, please contact one of our sales executives.

2. Do I need a single sided or dual sided ID card printer?

Depending on the amount of information you are wanting to print on your ID cards, you may require an ID card printer with dual-sided printing capability.

Dual-sided ID card printers have a built-in flipper that automatically turns the ID card over from front to backside printing. Ultimately allowing you to print information on both sides of the ID card.

Generally a dual sided card printer will cost you more than a single sided printer, so it’s important to understand the demands of your project before deciding to purchase an ID card printer with dual-sided printing capability.

3. Which ID card printer has the best print quality?

Most ID card printers use two types of printing technologies: DTC and reverse transfer (retransfer).

If you would like to learn more about how these two technologies work, please contact one of our sales executives who will be able to offer an in-office demo or over the phone explanation.

4. Magnetic stripe card printing?

If your project requires an ID card with magnetic stripe, you may want to add an optional magnetic stripe encoder to your ID card printer.

Adding an encoder, will offer you various benefits such as being able to both read and encode ID cards at the time of printing. This process is very efficient and effective. In general, most ID card printers have magnetic stripe options however, your entry level ID card printers, usually do not have this option.

Without a doubt, investing in an ID card printer with magnetic stripe capabilities is a smart way to save money in the future as the majority of ID card printers cannot be upgraded. Adding a magnetic stripe encoder is a smart choice and a major cost-saving solution, especially one day if your company decides they need to print ID card with magnetic stripes.

5. How does an ID card printer connect to the computer?

There are various options for you to connect your ID card printer to the computer.

Generally most ID card printers can be connected to the computer via USB or ethernet port.

The top of the range ID card printers can normally be connected through Wi-Fi, which is by far the easiest.

6. The importance of cleaning your ID card printer?

Yes you guessed right – It is very important to clean your ID card printer on a regular basis.

We recommend to clean your ID card printer at least once every 1,000 prints to ensure clear and good printing quality.

Cleaning your ID card printer will also prevent printhead damage and maintaining the general condition of your printer.

7. What differentiates Cards Plus?

When we first made the decision to start selling ID card printers and ID card printing solutions to our customers, many years ago, our number one priority was ensuring we could deliver on our customer’s expectations, for the best price possible.

Since then, we have significantly increased the quality and overall impact our professional

printed ID cards have on the end-user.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the machinery, Cards Plus uses to produce our ID cards, as well as the extraordinary hard work from the entire production team that goes into offering our ID card printing service.

To find out how much it will cost to get your own ID cards printed please email one of our awesome sales executives on

Our experienced pre-press team and approach to innovation within the company has allowed us to offer many different ID card printing solutions at low prices, for specific projects.

Some of our most popular ID card printing solutions include Student Cards, School ID cards, Security Tags, Visitor access cards, Government Party ID Cards and High-Security ID Access Cards. Find out more about our different industries offering here

Further, Cards Plus offers a large number of ID card printers.

We found that there are three brands, which set the benchmark for ID card printers in terms of reliability, effectiveness and useability. These brands are NBS, Matica and Datacard.

We categorise our ID card printers into 2 categories: Direct to Card Printing and Retransfer Printing.

For the full range of ‘Direct to Card Printing’ printers that we sell, please click here

For the full range of ‘Retransfer Printing’ printers that we sell, please click here

In order to ensure your ID card printing experience is enjoyable, Cards Plus will always have: full colour and monochrome ribbons including recommended cleaning kits for all major card printer brands including NBS Technologies – Javelin range, Datacard, EDIsecure®, Matica, Fargo and Evolis Brands.

For more information on ID card printers and ID card printing from South Africa’s leading plastic card manufacturer, please contact one of our awesome sales executives at