Card Printers; When to Upgrade to a new Printer

July 2019

With the current digital world we are living in, we are all well aware of the rapid pace technology is evolving and the amount of software updates we have to download to keep up with the ever-growing world of technology. However, companies need to evaluate and justify every expense and can’t necessarily afford to make every upgrade.

It is common to be greeted with a request for you to upgrade the firmware or the drivers found on your printer. This is to ensure your printer operates at the most effective level. However, over time, manufacturers stop providing firmware and driver updates for older printers or printers that have been discontinued.

If this happens to your device, it is advisable to upgrade your ID Card Printer. If you don’t, yours will be at risk of not working as effectively as it should. It is important to be aware of the features that are most important to you when it comes to ID Card Printing and security options.

If you are looking to upgrade, here are some key features to look out for on your new printer:

  • The ability to undertake dual-sided printing
  • Printing output times without compromising on quality
  • Magnetic encoding
  • Smart card encoding
  • Watermark technology which will increase the security of your cards

The Warranty coverage on your property is also an issue to consider when deciding when to upgrade your ID Card Printer. If your warranty is up or reaching the end of its coverage, it may be cost effective to buy a new printer. You should also look for a printer that comes with warranty coverage that leaves you feeling confident. However, not every warranty coverage is the same, so make sure you know what level of coverage you are comfortable with. You should then use this as your starting point when it comes to determining what level of warranty coverage you should choose when buying your next ID Card Printer.

When it comes to justifying the cost of you’re a new device, you should consider the benefits of a trade-in deal. If you no longer need your previous printer, it makes sense to trade it in and make the cost of a new one more affordable.

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