Cashless Environment System

January 2016


How amazing is that feeling when you hear your favourite band is coming to South Africa and you just can’t wait to get tickets.

The time gets closer and you all of a sudden get this daunting feeling of standing in a queue for 2 or 3 hours to get your ticket while you can be doing better things.
You suddenly rethink should you really get these tickets, is it worth your time.

How amazing would it be if the organizer of the band had arranged online purchasing, and even better had the option of adding an additional amount onto your ticket so that you can go CASHLESS on the night of the event, you would do this in a heartbeat!

All of this is possible……….CASHLESS ENVIRONMENT systems are the future for any event, so it’s no surprise that a recent study has shown that 44% of the general public buy their concert or festival tickets online and only 3% buy their tickets from a ticket outlet. This is because no one likes standing in a queue, and we are not a fan either. Cards Plus is here to help you take you out of the queue and into the new world of CASHLESS! We’ve developed a solution for the Event manager to control the purchasing and access to your events.

Radio Frequency Identification is the latest addition to Events and Festivals in South Africa. RFID Technology is a chip embedded into a wristband or Smart PVC Card, either one can be used for access and payment solutions. The RFID device can be activated by a quick tap checking in or out of an event, loading a cash value or redeeming your cash back.

How the Cashless System Works


When buying your tickets online, you will need to register your tickets and print them out. The physical ticket will then be exchanged for a smart card upon entering the festival.

While registering your tickets you can top up the balance of your card to reflect on the day of the festival or you can use the event’s website to top up during the festival. The remaining balance will be refunded after the festival.

Users can check their balance and top up at any time with balance check points in and around the site.

RFID Contactless payment – Possible benefits include, real-time sales reporting for complete control. Meaning if you are the organizer you can make sure that each supplier bills you correctly for the event. No fake invoices can be supplied. No suppliers can pocket any money on site of the event.

Queuing at the vendors is far less due that more than one RFID card can be scanned at a time, which dramatically reduces transaction times.

CASH Safety at an Event is always a huge concern, with a cashless system you have a huge cost saving from carriage, security and administration of cash.

Everyone at the event wins with a cashless system, event organizers, suppliers and event goers as it’s a safer and more convenient way to transact.

Cashless payment systems are proving to be a popular tool for many areas, as event organizers look to make events more enjoyable for all.

Cards Plus- our Solution is YOUR success in any EVENT!