How to Make Your Business Stand Out with Plastic Cards

March 2022

1. Professional Plastic Business Cards will get your Business Noticed

There are probably many things you could do to change your business in an attempt to attract attention and push your business forward.

However, making gigantic adjustments takes time and should be researched before being implemented. So let’s start a little smaller and think about how you introduce people to your business.

Every day, people are bombarded with paper business cards that look and feel alike. That’s a problem for businesses because, amidst a sea of business cards that are all pretty much the same, it can be hard to make an impactful impression that wins your business.

Professional plastic business cards give your company that edge. A first impression that is a lasting impression, will ensure your name is remembered by your client for months, if not years. Professional plastic business cards, are durable and will withstand months of being carried around.  They will always look presentable, unlike a paper business card where after a matter of days, the paper business card looks frail.

2. Functional Plastic Business Cards are a thing

Sometimes, a business card is more than a business card. Functional plastic business cards are multi-purpose to encourage clients to hold on to them and use them repeatedly.

For example, some plastic business cards contain a mini ruler on the side. Other plastic business cards can double up as coasters for your coffee or tea cup.

By adding functionality to plastic business cards, clients are more inclined to hold onto them, and when they use them, they will think of you and your business.

3. Cards Plus can add unique design features to your plastic cards

As I touched on earlier, plastic business cards allow you to use incredible features. These are features that other materials don’t offer, and can spice up your plastic card to ensure everyone’s attention is drawn to it.  

So what kinds of features can you have on a plastic card?

Our most popular features include clear and frosted elements, metallic solutions, embossing, foil stamping, platinum finishes, QR codes, barcodes, magnetic strips, and a writable finish.

Whew, that’s a long list, and it’s not even all of the features, we can include on our plastic cards. You are probably wondering what all of these features look like on a plastic card. No need to worry, one of our awesome sales executives is easily able to send you photos of some examples of plastic cards we have done for our clients, where we have included some exciting features.

4. Plastic is Premium

In the business world, appearance is important. Most real estate agents don’t pull up to a house in an old beat up car; they come in a nicer, more luxurious car. It may seem silly, but customers are quick to judge based on small things that seem unrelated to your business. So when you hand a gift card, business card, ID card or access card, you want your cards to have a premium look and feel. With a plastic gift card, business card, ID card or access card you are able to achieve a premium look and feel and create a lasting first impression.

If you’re in a competitive industry, it’s essential to invest in marketing that helps your company stand out. Since your plastic cards are one of the pieces that your customers are most likely to take home with them, they’re a perfect place to invest your marketing efforts. Whether they are a professional plastic business card or a plastic retail and gift card.

At Cards Plus, we work with hundreds of business owners and marketers every year. Whether they run a single mom-and-pop store or have thousands of customers worldwide, they all say to me, “We need a business solution that will make our business get noticed.”

With Cards Plus, we can get your business get noticed and assist in increasing your revenue. Cards Plus sell plastic cards that will create a lasting first impression and get your business noticed.

For more information please contact Cards Plus on +27 11 894 3914 or alternatively email Cards Plus on for more information on our plastic cards.