Our 4 most popular Health Care and Medical Cards

April 2021

For your projects involving the creation of health and medical cards, Cards Plus offers various solutions which includes high-quality, secure, Health Care Cards, Patient ID Cards, Hospital Visitor ID Cards and Medical Insurance Cards

Health Care Cards

With the recent introduction of the electronic healthcare card, there has been an increase in the demand for personalized smart cards. Smart health cards are tamper proof and secure, ensuring that no information can be unlawfully manipulated. Smart cards benefit significantly from the high levels of security offered by the cards.

Cards Plus offers a wide range of personalization solutions to fulfil such requirements. These include printing, encoding and embossing. We have versatile, configurable solutions for different clients who require comprehensive compliance requirements.

Patient ID Cards

For security reasons, hospitals provide their patients with an ID card which includes not only the personal, alphanumeric data of that patient, but an encoded chip which includes a full colour image of the patient, as well as the patients individual medical data including history etc.

Cards Plus is able to offer various type printers that are able to print this sort of information on a standard PVC card, while the patient is checking into the hospital. Cards Plus is also able to develop pre-printed PVC Cards, which will have the hospitals logo and information on, which can then be used to print the patients information on.

Hospital Visitor ID

Hospital Visitor ID cards can assist staff at the hospital to differentiate who is a visitor and who is not. Often what Cards Plus will do is print pre-printed Visitor ID cards, which are standard in look and feel and only assist in differentiating between a visitor and a staff worker. No personal information will be able to be printed on each card, because these cards will be reused from visitor to visitor.

However if a Hospital Staff ID Card is what you are looking for, then Cards Plus will be able to print a far more comprehensive ID card with the details of each staff member, photo and any other personal information that is required of that staff member.

Medical Aid/Insurance Cards

Medical Aid and Insurance Cards will include personal data printed on each card in case this data needs to be access in the situation of an emergency. Your personal data can either be printed on the card or stored securely in the chip, if the card is a smart card.

Cards Plus has a fully-fledged bureau department that has state of the art equipment which will be able print your Medical Aid/Insurance Cards with no problem. Cards Plus will be able to produce your Medical Aid/Insurance Cards and offer inhouse mailing solutions to make it easy for you to personalise individual demands.

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