Retail Card Vs Smart Card

March 2021


Ask ANY person and they will all agree it’s always worth having an account, gift and loyalty card in their wallet; well nothing beats a credit card with unlimited credit! Buy a gift card which offers more value to a person rather than an unwanted, meaningless present, include a stunning card with a personal message or write it on the PVC Gift Card. That’s almost guaranteed to go over better than anything else you could give.

It’s been proven to boost growth, boost your reputation and make your customers happy. These cards can increase the chances of return visits from your customers, while also helping you to further promote your brand name. Remember to acknowledge frequent visits and to award points to regular customers with loyalty cards! Gift Cards need to be relevant to your product, and to your audience. Personalized Account, Loyalty and Gift cards are fabulous and your clients feel super special.

Our PVC Cards are silky smooth, tear and water resistant and will prevent chipping and cracking along the edge of the cards, as our processes have been tried and tested. Additional features available on retail and leisure cards are hot foiling, metallic print, barcodes and signature panels.


Gift Cards

Gift Cards can make for individualized gifts or incentive to an employee to show how greatly they are appreciated. Add bling to your gift card by incorporating hot foil designs or metallic prints.

Account Cards

Print professional account cards with printed barcodes and or magnetic strips to keep personal information confidential and track balances and more.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards can win back defeated clients, build relationships whiles generating a BUZZ. These cards are the biggest tool for marketing, as you know your clients.


A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card is any pocket-sized card that has embedded integrated circuits. Smart cards are made of plastic, generally polyvinyl chloride (PVC), but sometimes polyethylene terephthalate based polyesters (PET), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polycarbonate is used.

The first main advantage of smart cards is their flexibility. There is no need to carry several cards: one card can simultaneously be an ID card, credit card, stored-value cash card and a repository of personal information.

The second main advantage is security. Smart cards can be electronic key rings, giving the bearer ability to access information and physical places without the need for online connections.

General benefits of Smart Cards are:

1. Portability – Can easily be integrated into almost any system.

2. Increasing data storage capacity – Can carry much more data than magnetic strip or

barcode encoding.

3. Reliability – Virtually unaffected by electrical and magnetic fields.

4. High Security – Can only be read and written to if access is granted (PIN or



Government Card

Tamper-proof Government ID cards play a critical role in high- security. Security features on the card can include high quality photo ID, UV, guilloche and micro text printing.

National Drivers Licence Card

Printing a high quality, secure, durable ID card has to be one of the most secure cards. The fundamental principle of designing a High Security card, is layered security and the use of multiple security features.

Technology Chips

Schools, Colleges and Event Companies are moving to a fully comprehensive secure cashless management system, using a cashless, card-based system for all payment transactions.

For more information on the above mentioned cards please get in contact with Cards Plus so we can assist you with your card needs