August 2016

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or a partner of a large retail store, keeping your customers happy will always be the number one priority. There are multiple ways to retain your current customers, as well as bringing new customers through your doors, one of them being Gift Cards.

Cards Plus offer our clients multiple options to give you the best value and product for your money. Whether you’re looking for a small batch of gift cards or thousands of cards to promote your business in other stores, we have the solution for you.

The Cards

Cards Plus have been in the card manufacturing industry since 2008 and have been providing the Retail Industry with thousands of plastic cards yearly. From the fashion industry to small hardware stores, we can provide you with a small batch of personalised cards or larger runs with barcodes, magnetic stipes and embossing to work in tandem with the system you have in place.

Over the years we have learned that printing large amount of cards and keeping them on a shelf might not always be the best option as the cards can become outdated with store information changing. Instead we’re printing smaller runs, and providing the client with a plastic card printer to personalize the cards as they need them. This way our clients don’t have to be the middle man and can offer their customers fantastic service and professional looking cards.

The Solution

We have combined our experience and expertise to provide our customers not only plastic cards, but gift card envelopes, pockets and folders. Our goal is to be your “one-stop-shop”. From designing the cards, to fulfillment, you walk into our offices with an idea and walk out with the full product! And because we’re a local manufacturer our printing timelines are the quickest in South Africa!

If you want more information, please pop into our offices, or give us a call!