Seize the holiday spirit

December 2020

Christmas is on the way, bringing the hustle and bustle and lots of money to retail establishments!


Families are preparing their holiday plans, purchasing gifts, and readying themselves for the most enjoyable time of the year!


Are you ready to seize the moment?


People often express anxiety as to how to treat their friends and family over the holiday season, as a retailer, it is up to you to ensure you can get as many consumers as possible to send their money at your store!


Globally, companies have been grabbing the moment to cash-in on the holiday season.


Companies such as Facebook and Amazon have formed partnerships to allow their clients the added bonus of giving gift cards to their friends and family.


In South Africa, gift cards are rapidly becoming the choice of gift for many due to their ease of use, fraud prevention and the added benefit of data collection.


Other benefits include:

  • Frequent shopping and convenience – Cards can be reloaded, creating opportunities for repeat store visits.
  • Advertising – A card in the customer’s wallet is a constant advertisement. We like to call it the ‘mini-billboard’.
  • Promotion – Plastic cards are great as an advertisement tool! Gift cards can be treated as a new product line that you can broadcast to your customers and clients. The added option of utilising a cleverly designed hang-tag gives more promotional weight to your card system.
  • Gain new customers
  • Encourages repeat business

Truth is, there is no better time to reward your loyal customers than now!


Cards Plus has all the tools you will need from plastic cards printed in a jiffy to printing personalized cards or your own card printer.


Call us at (+27) 11 894 3914 for more information about how Cards Plus can equip you with everything you need to Carpe the Christmas time Diem!