Selecting the perfect plastic card supplier

January 2018

The use of plastic cards is an indispensable aspect of a sophisticated population, due to the fact that these rectangular works of magic are used for a number of vitally important reasons within our day-to-day lives. This being said, when selecting a plastic card manufacturer, it is imperative that your choice provides you with a company that is reliable and able to supply you with a lasting and efficient product.

What to look for when selecting a card supplier.

Whatever endeavor you may be going for you need to ensure that the end based client will like and identify with the product; this means a plastic card which is easily useable and durable after multiple uses is a great requirement but you should take into consideration a number of other useful aspects before settling on a decision.

Is this a local supplier?

We know with certain projects the budget might be a bit tight; this makes your decision to buy overseas so much more alluring. However, by choosing a local supplier that manufacturers the cards as and when, on your doorstep, you eliminate so many unnecessary factors such as import duty costs, different time zones and shorter working weeks.

Is this a reputable company/supplier?

A great way to compare manufacturers is by their websites. (TIP: Inspect the suppliers website for quality assurance purposes and also investigate further to see if there are any testimonials on their website – this shows that the supplier is confident in their product/service.)

What is the suppliers level of customer service?

In the past customers chose a manufacturer based on price or brand, but in today’s day and age it’s all about “the overall experience”. Do they have a speedy response time when replying to your enquiry? For example – Did the supplier reach you within 24 hours or less of your request? Customer service is more than providing answers; it is part of the promise the company makes to you, the customer.

Does the supplier offer the choice of a sample card in regards to what you are looking for?

This is vital. Not only can you have a sneak preview of your end product, you can also ensure the quality of the product is up to standard. Look for a supplier that can offer you colour matching with specific colours, or that provide a sample pack with a variety of cards to show the quality of the print and product.

Will the supplier be able to provide you with your required product as and when it is needed?

Does the supplier offer any other production services that could be implemented into your order; such as a batch delivery for larger orders or fulfillment of any kind?

Does the supplier provide a product of durability by using good quality materials for their products?

Should the product you require contain personalised information, would the supplier use any protective elements, such as a clear overlay or film that would ensure longevity of information? Should this require a second stage? And if so, has the supplier charged you accordingly?

Regardless of the type of enterprise you are running it is paramount that you get the best deal available in card procurement, which is why you need to uncover an excellent card printing service provider. Although there are several companies that would be able to help you in this regard, it is important that the above points are taken into consideration before settling with any service provider. Luckily, we at Cards Plus are beyond confident with our products, services and capabilities regarding the above points, that we can offer you only the best products and services within the card printing industry.