Smart Solutions for school and university events

February 2021

Along with our PVC card manufacturing capabilities, Cards Plus offers several other services that are popular for events hosts looking to organize a school or university event.

Cards Plus caters for various different custom school and university events such as school functions, sport functions, induction ceremonies and alumni events.

Some of the services we offer include our high-quality wristbands, that contain a securely sealed HF RFID tag, which is programmed with a unique alpha-numeric code. When scanned by an RFID reader, a low-power radio wave activates the chip to securely collect and transfer data.

There are several different types of wristbands which you can use for your event including: camouflage wristbands, silicone wristbands, woven wristbands, clap-on wristbands and Tyvek wristbands. Depending on the requirements of your event, Cards Plus will be able to recommend the most suitable wristband for your event.

Another popular service which we offer to clients who are looking to host school or university events is our Custom Printed Paper service.

This includes, Envelopes, A4 Letters, Brochures, Gift & Loyalty Card Holders, Stickers, Custom Made Gift Boxes and Mailroom Fulfillment


Variety of options available, Custom sizes, to DL sizes with printing or plain envelopes.

A4 Letters

Printing of A4 Letters as per your specifications, which can include individual names, addresses, membership no, dates etc onto a custom printed or generic shell letter with your branding and information


Brochures are a smart way to educate your event goers on the particular school or university event you are looking to host.

Gift & Loyalty Card Holders

Cards Plus offers a wide range of gift card holders that you can use for the professional presentation of gift cards to your school learners or university students as awards or prizes.

About our team

Cards Plus is a dedicated team of professional problem solvers, solution generators, designers, tinkerers, and plastic card enthusiasts, dedicated to serving companies who require smart solutions.

With personal service, and attention to detail we have managed to create a cost-effective solution to suit your specific school or university project needs.

For more information, please contact Cards Plus.