The time to change to plastic cards, is now!

September 2021

With constant technological advancements, the world is becoming more and more digitalized. Almost every process is becoming automated as more companies and brands embrace technology to improve their overall productivity and performance.

A notable improvement in the business world over the last few years, is the use of the plastic card that gives access to a wide range of services. Plastic cards are a common sight, and in one way or the other, everyone owns at least one if not two. One common type of plastic card that’s popular among many people is the credit card and debit card. So, if you have one, count yourself among the millions who use plastic cards more often. Apart from credit cards, plastic cards are also used as debit cards, gift and loyalty cards, rewards-plan cards, business cards, and id cards.

Before we look at the advantages of plastic cards, maybe we should know what they’re made of. The most commonly used material for making plastic cards is PVC. Most credit cards and ID cards are made of this material. The benefits of plastic cards are best defined by what you intend to use them for. For instance, if you’re using it as a business card or an information card, you would aim to make a lasting impression, and that means design would be at the centre of everything.

If you’re using plastic key cards for predetermined access to offices or hotel rooms, then security would be your main goal. This is because, with these plastic key cards, you can ensure only authorized persons gain access to certain rooms or information. For membership cards or ID cards, you’d want something that’s going to last longer and still look better even after a long time of use. Without doubts, plastic cards are more long-lasting than paper options which are easily damaged by things like water. As you can see, depending on what you use them for, plastic cards offer a wide range of benefits to companies and brands.

So, why should you switch to PVC cards? While the answer to this question boils down to what the plastic card is intended for, there are some general advantages of plastic cards that apply to all. Let’s have a look below:

Nice-looking Designs

Design is the first thing most people would consider before anything else. Everyone wants something attractive for their business to attract more customers. Plastic cards can have many different designs that are simple but attractive. Since plastic cards can be printed using different colours, it’s easier to build something customized around your brand. For instance, you can have your company logo inscribed on the card with some beautiful writings that give a brief description of what your business entails. The printing of colours on plastic cards is normally rich and highly-detailed, hence be sure to get something unique that will make your brand stand out.

A Wide Range Of Use

Plastic cards are designed for a variety of uses. Since they’re durable and can be customized around different business needs and ideas, they can be useful in many different ways. Plastic cards easily interact with machines, and, as such, they form the best access cards. You wouldn’t expect the same with traditional paper cards which are prone to damage. Additionally, plastic cards are easy to use and store. Most of them are water-resistant and hard-to-break, and, therefore, they’re fit for all seasons.

Plastic Can Be Eco-Friendly

Most plastic cards are made in such a way that they can be recycled. As such, we don’t need to worry about the degradation of the environment. Some PVC cards can also degrade once they come into contact with the soil for some time. Most businesses are turning to these eco-friendly recycled PVC cards to reduce pollution. If you’re running a start-up or seeking to grow your business, you can get these plastic business cards to market your business – they’re both effective and environment-friendly.

Looking for new ways to improve your business? Turn to plastic cards to create a lasting impression for your business. They’re cheap, durable, and attractive, and you can never go wrong with them. Choose Cards Plus to take your business to the next level. Let us help you find the correct solution fits your business needs! Please get in contact with Cards Plus on 011 894 3914