Why NBS Technologies is a Key Partner to Our Success

May 2021

Over the last several years, Cards Plus and NBS has endeavoured to deliver on the finest work ensuring our clients’ needs are met and their solutions delivered on. NBS Technologies issues state of the art, high-quality payment and secure ID cards that are globally proven to provide longevity and customer satisfaction. Serving a wide market range, NBS Technologies along with Cards Plus has a solution for you.

What solutions does NBS offer ?

NBS Technologies has worked hard to partner together its software and hardware products to create an all in one solution. Tackling specific markets and industries, NBS products are fully scalable and can be bundled together in order to save you money.

Instant Issuance

NBS Technologies has a wide variety of printers that can Instantly issue cards in-store with minimal time delays by combining both their desktop card printers and Xpressi Instant issuance card software. Fully customizable and scalable to your individual needs.

Central Issuance

Central Issuance speaks to the ability of being able to Issue cards from one central location that can be issued across the globe. NBS Technologies is able to store and issue customer data securely using their Xpressi package that has been specifically designed for this application.

Secure ID

NBS Technologies provides a wide range of options for secure ID issuance, anything from desktop instant issuance solutions through to large volume production. NBS Technologies products have been favoured by Governments and large Corporations for securely issuing National IDs, Driving Licenses, Voters Registration and Employee Identification cards.

Customers are able to tailor make their own solution that best fits their requirements in terms of the level of security, number of cards required to be produced and secure issuance to the end users.

The Competitive Edge

Cards Plus prides its relationship with NBS Technologies to create a competitive edge within the South African market. This is achieved by working with NBS Technologies to offer state of the art secure ID software and hardware to a variety of clients.

NBS Technologies offers everything you need for a successful Secure ID issuance program, including software, systems, supplies and a full range of consultative services and technical support. In a few easy steps, Cards Plus together with NBS can configure and fully integrate your Secure ID solution to align with the way you want to do business.

For more information on any of the above products or solutions, please contact Cards Plus on 011 894 3914