5 Reasons why the Evolis Edikio Printer is an industry leader

June 2019

A Printer That’s Taking The Catering Industry By Storm

The Edikio Printer. An all-in-one solution for printing tags on plastic cards yourself. Specially designed to meet the needs of stores, hotels and restaurants, Edikio solutions enable you to easily create price tags, buffet tags and all kinds of aesthetic and practical tags on plastic cards.

4 Reasons why the Edikio is an industry leader.


Create visually-appealing, professional display labels that match your establishment’s brand image and heighten your visual identity.

  • Restaurants and hotels can make their customers’ lives easier by displaying the ingredients in their products directly on the cards.
  • Original tags: personalize your tags by adding your logo and the graphic elements you desire.
  • A professional look for your displays and buffets: create a sense of harmony and generate customer interest with attractive tags.


Provide all the information your clients need and help them make fast, informed choices: product names in their languages, ingredients, allergens, etc.

  • Clearly display your product information on an appropriate medium for the situation
  • Clear and readable information: provide your customers with all the information they need.
  • An authentic and high-quality look thanks to the slate-like appearance of the black tags printed in white.
  • Adaptability: the plastic card holder, available in multiple formats and colours, can be adapted to all your display needs.
  • Perfectly displayed: Evolis offers a comprehensive line of consumables which are ideal for use in a food environment.


Enjoy total independence by creating your own display labels in a matter of minutes; when you need them directly at your establishment and thus benefit from being able to create up-to-date tags in real time.

  • Multi-purpose: Edikio solutions also allow you to make every type of card imaginable, from employee badges and gift cards to events cards and more.
  • Independence: free yourself from set delivery times and minimum order restrictions imposed by your label suppliers.
  • Easy to use: the included software allows you to generate personalized labels in minutes, and the card printer can be used as easily as a standard desktop printer.


Hygienic, sturdy and easy to keep clean, these PVC cards are particularly well suited to establishments that serve food.

  • The credit card format does not obstruct the view of your products. The long card format enables you to add more information to your tags and provide better readability for specific situational needs such as in bakeries.
  • PVC cards can withstand cold and moisture.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • To be in compliance with European INCO regulations, stores need to provide all information about their products.

Here are some examples of the type of information you should include on your cards based on your business:

  • Logo 
  • Product name
  • Allergens
  • Where the meat comes from