How to Improve Identity and Security Solutions in Mining

March 2022

Although the mining industry covers many different sectors, one key aspect of it is ensuring that both employers and employees are kept safe when they’re in vulnerable positions.

Cards Plus offers a range of Plastic ID Card printing solutions for companies who work in and around mines, to provide full safety, from employee plastic ID cards to plastic emergency Identity Tags for miners themselves.

Plastic ID Card Printing Solutions


It is crucial that those who work in the mining industry – from miners, emergency staff and ground Staff – have a customised plastic ID card which clearly states what area in the mine they work, their name and their job role. It is also recommended that those who work in the mine, also have a photo ID for more stringent security ID verification measures.

For high quality plastic ID badges, the Cards Plus range of Direct to Card Printers is ideal, and most of these printers come with everything you need to get started.

It is an out-of-the-box solution, so you can start printing your plastic ID cards straight from your PC in a matter of minutes. All you will perhaps need to purchase is your printer ribbons and PVC cards.

For designing your cards, CardExchange is perfect. You can create the design from scratch and include full personalisation in variable fields by seamlessly connecting it to your staff database.

In-house printing of plastic ID Cards

If you don’t have the resources to produce your staff plastic ID cards in-house through one of the ID card printers, listed above, then a printing house can easily do them for you. Cards Plus plastic ID card printing team is experienced in producing high-quality plastic id cards for various different sectors of the mining industry.

You are able to add a range of different unique design features to your plastic id cards. The most popular features include clear and frosted elements, metallic solutions, embossing, foil stamping, platinum finishes, QR codes, barcodes, magnetic strips, and a writable finish.


It is crucial that your ID plastic card badges for your staff at the mine, can be easily spotted by all, and lanyards and card holders are ideal. 

There are a range of lanyards available, to suit all budgets, in various colours so you can match your organisation’s branding. For a bespoke touch, why not get your lanyards custom printed with your logo? 

Stock plastic card holders, are available in a range of colours, perfect for attaching to the end of lanyards for displaying ID badges.

Emergency tags for Miners themselves.

For miners who work inside the mine, a big concern is the possibility of individuals getting lost or wandering into areas that are off limits. In the event of this happening, we can provide mines, with emergency tags that contain the miners information.

Emergency tags can be attached to clothing, shoelaces, lanyards, necklaces, and more to ensure that they are visible and easily found by any potential rescuer.

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