Making Your School a Cash-Free Zone

February 2021

Tuck-shops have inevitably had to relook the way they manage transactions with school children. Often school children misplace, misuse or have their tuck shop money stolen. 

Fortunately, the good news is that if you are a school owner or head of high school, your school can now eliminate this problem by implementing a cashless system. 

The concept of a cashless school environment – reducing the cost of cash handling as well as the risk of theft and robbery is fast becoming a reality. Tuckshops no longer need to handle cash and the school children no longer need to bring tuck-shop money to school. Many schools are starting to see the benefit of offering a cashless system. 

How Does a Cashless System Work?

Cards Plus offers the latest software in Cashless Systems that will be able to turn your school into a cash-free zone in no time at all.How does it work?Much like prepaid gift cards that you can get at many stores these days, each child in the school is issued with their own card that’s branded with the school’s name. Each card has a unique ID that’s associated with each student.

Parents simply pay an amount of money to the school, which is then loaded onto the individual student’s card and then, magic! Jabu, can buy donuts for all his friends without having a cent in his hands nor the tuckshop having to deal with any money.

The Benefits of a Cashless System:

  • Tuck shops don’t need to worry about having cash floats
  • The problem of safely storing and banking cash is eliminated
  • Financial records are produced with the click of a button
  • The problem of children stealing from each other becomes a thing of the past
  • Parents don’t need to worry about fishing out cash in a crazy rush every morning
  • Cards can be used for making payments for miscellaneous school items

Not convinced yet?

It may interest you to know that universities and corporations in South Africa have for many years been using such prepaid card systems to run their canteens and other functions.

Besides, in an increasingly cashless society, where children are practically born able to swipe their way around a tablet or smart phone, it makes sense to have them securing their lunch with a simple swipe of a PVC card. 

For more info about how to get your own prepaid system or loyalty programme up and running please contact Cards Plus.