PVC Bag Tags

February 2021

Cards Plus manufactures high quality colourful PVC Bag Tags which are made from a durable PVC card, perfect for school children. By using our colourful in-house designed PVC Bag Tags, you can put an end to lost school bags or misplaced tog bags at school. Cards Plus prides ourselves in our fun and vibrant designs which will make sure that your child’s bag stands out among a large heap of bags.

We urge attaching your colourful PVC Bag Tag to the handle of your child’s bag. We have seen that when attaching the PVC Bag Tag to the zip of the bag, many children can’t resist the temptation to carry the bag by the PVC Bag Tag, which often results in the PVC Bag Tag breaking.

Our colourful PVC Bag Tags are manufactured to be water resistant, durable and attention seeking. The size of our PVC Bag Tags are the same size as a credit card which is 86.5mm (h) x 54mm (w).

Our PVC Bag Tags are best used for school bags, sports bags and travel bags. You will be able to choose from a selection of different designs, that have been pre-designed. There is also the option of having your own PVC Bag Tags designed, which will allow you to choose your own colours, font and style. There are some awesome themes which you can choose from, including different superhero’s and popular cartoon characters, which adds a unique touch to your child’s own PVC Bag Tag.

Apart from our colour PVC Bag Tags, we are able to manufacture PVC luggage tags which are the perfect, affordable tool to brand your business on-the-go while you are travelling from city to city.

Additional Extra’s

Cards Plus is a local PVC card manufacturer which offers you, the customer the following:

Flexible printing options with NO minimum print quantities and NO set-up costs. Cards Plus is able to offer several additional features of a plastic card including: Hot foiling, which is the ‘bling to your card’ with a range of foil colours. UV Print – unique florescent ink, which is only visible under UV lights. Magnetic stripe & Encoding – available in HiCo or LoCo and has up to three tracks to encode your data. Signature Panel – offering standard and custom signature panels, normal white or patterned strips. Barcode/QR code – different combinations of bars and spaces are used to encode characters into bar codes, for QR code’s this type of barcode can be decoded using a smartphone with a QR code reader. Security Hologram – Holographic film fused over your card with a 3 dimensional image for high security applications. Numbering & Embossing – think of the raised numbers and letters on your credit card. Variable Data & Personalisation – Individually personalisation on cards, either text, number or photos and technology Cards – contactless/contact chip or Mifare and combination cards

Here’s five reasons you should consider using Cards Plus’s PVC bag tags:

1. PVC Bag Tags are versatile – When attached to your child’s school bag, your child’s bag will stand out in a heap of bags and you can finally put an end to lost school bags or misplaced tog bags at school.

2. Completely customizable – Our in-house graphic design team will be able to create customized bag tags that are unique to YOUR BRAND. Full Colour Printing on the front & back is included in our pricing. You can even personalize them with a name, member number or barcode!

3. They’re lightweight and compact – Their small size and light weight makes them ideal to attach to your child’s school bag or your own travel luggage.

4. Affordable – Cards Plus, PVC bag tags are arguably one of the most affordable ways to put an end to lost school bags or misplaced tog bags at school.

5. Durable and long lasting – Your PVC Bag Tags are manufactured with high quality PVC and can either come in a matt or gloss finish.

For more information on the above please don’t hessite to contact our team at Cards Plus