Paper or Plastic? Why Printing ID Cards on PVC Makes All the Difference

September 2021

Education, finance, government, healthcare, retail, and transport industries all regularly require on-site ID card printing for identification and security.

From functionality to quality, there’s a significant difference between PVC card printing and printing on a standard desktop printer. When trying to choose a solution, it helps to understand the process that is involved in both PVC printing and traditional printing with a desktop printer.

How Does PVC Card Printing Work?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a strong plastic material used in professional ID card printing. This material offers a smooth finished surface, meaning that colour and branding details show up vividly.

PVC card printers also known as Retransfer printers, print onto the reverse of clear film that is thermally bonded to the card. This process improves image consistency and precision to ID cards, including double-sided prints.

Inkjet Printer Limitations

By contrast, normal desktop printing is water-based. Regular inkjet printers are not able to print on standard PVC plastic cards.

Recently, a few suppliers have started offering inkjet PVC card kits, designed to allow ID card printing with an inkjet printer. These kits come with special inkjet-specific PVC cards and a replacement tray that works in conjunction with an inkjet printer. But despite claims, inkjet kit card printing is severely limited.

Boost Your Image with Superior ID Card Printing

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