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Re-Transfer (also called a “reverse transfer,” “over-the-edge,” or “high-definition”) ID Card Printing is a process which improves the quality of the card by printing on a laminate film that is then thermally bonded to the card instead of printing the image on the card surface through the ribbon. These printers were specially designed to print on technology cards, or press like cards due to the high quality print.


Key Features:

  • High durability, low maintenance
  • 2 USB HUBS (inside printer)
  • Conveniently fits on the desktop or under the counter
  • Resolution 600DPI
  • Printing speed (Single printing: YMCK)
  • More than 22.5s full color YMCK (160 cph)

This high speed, high resolution retransfer technology allows for full color brilliance as well as full bleed images. Colours are vibrant, images are crisp and quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the J1000i Retransfer Card Printer produces the highest image quality available. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto the film base. The ultimate image quality printer with optional security applications. Performance, quality, flexibility and reliability at an affordable price point.

Entrust CR805

Key Features:

  • 600 dpi for high definition printing; with Pigment ink for long lasting images
  • Microtext, bar codes and other elements
  • Over-the-edge printing on multiple card types including technology cards
  • Option for enhanced durability and security by adding an inline lamination module and optional tactile impression module

The Entrust Datacard™ CR805™ card printer gives customers a complete, on-demand card printing solution with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features and durability they need to create virtually any type of card for their customers, citizens, and employees. Brilliantly show off your brand to the world with eye-catching card designs and print lifelike skin tones for more accurate photo representation. The versatility of the CR805 allows you to print everything from corporate badges, to student IDs, to drivers licenses.


key Features:

  • Offers the versatility to meet your card application needs
  • Add-on dual-sided printing, encoding and lamination modules
  • Custom Secure Holographic HDP Film and Overlaminate
  • HDP Film fuses to the surface of proximity and smart cards, conforming to ridges and indentations formed by embedded electronics.
  • The printer’s Ethernet port and internal print server provide the connectivity needed for networked operations


Colors are vibrant. Images are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on FARGO HDP5000 Card Printer do more than protect your organization — they reflect the value you place on your brand. HDP5000 produces ID cards with the highest image quality available. By printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP Film, then fusing the film to the card surface; creating image quality that looks more like a sharp glossy photo than an ordinary ID badge.